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Eszter: Communication and empathy

Hungarian, English

Personal experience is what matters most in my life. Be it a trip, a get-together with friends or a family reunion. I love to immerse in all of them, so that the moments I live through could linger on in my soul. I am one of those fortunate people who love their job, every single wedding is a unique experience for me. I truly believe that this sense of wonder should be passed on to my couples and their guests, therefore I do my best to make sure that they fully relish every moment of their joy.

Being a Master of Ceremonies goes beyond managing activities, creating an atmosphere or guiding the guests. For me, this is a task with greater complexity. Beside the guests, I want the couple to also have a great time on their own wedding, I want them to feel that no matter what, the sun is shining and the sky is blue.

I learned to communicate with people, to manage events and to handle unexpected situations while working as an on-site guide in the Middle and Far East. Upon my return, I applied the experience I had acquired in the world of weddings, so that the couple and their guests could have a bright and joyful celebration – this is what I am there for.

Dear Eszter,

We were very happy to get know you as well. You did a great job at the wedding and we enjoyed every moment of it. It was fantastic!

Kind regards,
Chantal & Farkhad

Erika: A multicultural experience

Hungarian, Russian, Spanish, English

I was born and raised in a multilingual and multicultural environment, I am fluent in English, Russian, Spanish and Hungarian; therefore I feel at ease when I’m surrounded by people with different cultural background or when I need to quickly switch between languages.

I have plenty of tasks at a wedding as an MC, but mostly I’m responsible for the flow and energy of the event, I keep the agenda running smoothly, I do announcements and introductions and comfortably guide the family and friends through the event. I am there for the guests to feel welcome and appreciated, and I am there for the newlyweds to assist and support them, so that they feel enchanted and trouble-free on their special day.

As a woman, a wife and a mother I know and understand the overwhelming emotions the bride and the groom and their families have on the wedding day, my aim is to help them have the best once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Dear Erika,

Thank you very much to YOU to be there with us!!! You were amazing, we were really happy to have you. Everybody said that you did a great job; you were really kind and a good performer. We were absolutely content with your presence there.

We wish you all the best!

Kind regards,

Edina: An unforgettable memory

Hungarian, English

Are you already planning your wedding day? Are you worried about how to manage and guide your guests according to the programme? Are you considering that you will need somebody to help you through the Big Day?  I could be the one to be there.

I believe and I know that a wedding is one of the most important memories in our life. Snapshots what can be recalled from time to time, the one and only unrepeatable moment of life.

Looking back to my 20 years experience in events like weddings, conferences, company events, parties as a moderator, singer, organizer or MC I can ensure you that I can be of help for you on your wedding day, I solve every problem, I organize, I dance with you, I sing with you, I advise, I supervise, and I keep quiet, if needed. As a female MC I will act there instead of you, but on behalf of you. So you can have the best day of your life, with a guarding umbrella above your head.

Kedves Edina!

Nagyon szépen köszönjük a segítséget, hogy hozzájárultál ehhez a szuper esküvőhöz. Az Atemlos dal pedig egyszerűen zseniális volt. Sok emlékkel bővült a gyűjteményünk szombaton. A barátaink is dicsérték a szervezést és a fellépésed.

Megadod esetleg a címedet? Szeretnénk neked egy képeslapot küldeni a nászutunkról. Még egyszer köszönünk szépen mindent. Amint hazaértünk, szeretnénk majd egy publikus visszajelzést is adni, hogy minél több pár téged válasszon. Biztos van erre lehetőség a weboldalatokon.

Sok üdv,
Barbara és Jan

Zsuzsa: The world of smile

Hungarian, German

As a woman I have experienced through my life that a nice word and an honest smile at the right time can solve any problems! Smile is the key to friendship between two kids, two adults or two nations.

Even LOVE starts with a smile. This smile accompanies the couple through their life and on their BIG DAY, when everything should go about joy, happiness and smile…

My name is Zsuzsa Ruff, Master of Ceremony, member of the Eszterlánc MC Team.

Wedding? Wedding Guests? Will everybody like it? Will they have a good time?

All soon-to-be-married couples raise these questions before their wedding…

I have always loved the atmosphere of weddings, that mystical feeling that surrounds the BIG DAY, the beautiful dresses, and LOVE. Since I was a small girl, I have lived close to the stage. I grew up in a sváb (Swaib = German) town and we used to go to the ball every weekend. I have been using German language since my childhood, thanks to the knowledge I gained at home, and also to the visits to Germany. The stage, the atmosphere of performances, hosting and organization form a determining part of my life, just like DANCE.

If you choose me as the MC of your wedding, I guarantee fun, lots of dancing (even teaching traditional Hungarian folk dance – on request), smooth organization, and a friendly, comfortable atmosphere for all the wedding guests from abroad. The newly weds and the guests need to have fun, all the rest is my business!

If we meet up and smile at each other, all the concerns will disappear and will be replaced by joyful anticipation!

Let’s meet up and get to know each other!

Szia Zsuzsi!

Köszönünk  mindent neked- hogy rengeteget készültél, szuperül moderáltad a történéseket, segítettél megoldást találni a zökkenőkre, és hogy tartottad bennem a lelket a szertartás előtt és közben! 🙂 Nélküled nem sikerült volna ilyen szuperül az esküvőnk és nagyon sok pozitív visszajelzést kaptunk a vendégektől is veled kapcsolatban.

További sok sikert kívánunk a ceremóniamesterkedéshez és nagyon szívesen állunk rendelkezésre referenciaként neked.

Sok puszi,
Viki és Daniel

Eszó: Heart and soul

Hungarian, Italian, Greek, French, English

Hungarian mother tongue, five foreign languages, diplomatic studies, solid experience in project management and event organization, communication skills, attention to details, empathy and  enthusiasm. If I should define myself in 10 key words, I would use these ones. But the calling word is always enthusiasm!

Providing some more information, I would mention that my range of activities has always been quite wide and all of my activities were linked either or both to coordination, languages and people: language teaching, translation, writing dictionaries, managing  a language school, coordinating EU-funded transnational projects … „these are a few of my favourite things” 🙂

After all this, how did I get into the world of weddings? The answer is simple: being a Master of Ceremony on international weddings is the ideal combination of all I have experience in, know and love. In the very beginning I was asked by my students having foreign fiancé(e) to assist on their wedding and I soon realised that it was more for me than a task to complete: coordinating, helping the couple and their invitees during the event, ensure the smooth running of all programs and being the main point of reference for the participants was a real pleasure. And this is a determining factor for me: doing whatever I do with pleasure and enthusiasm!

I believe that being an MC and thus contributing to the nicest day of your life is more than being a service provider. During the months of preparation we go beyond the working relationship, because at the end, I have to understand you even without words so that I can ensure that on your Big Day everything runs smoothly and you two have to concentrate exclusively on yourselves.

And I am there (in the centre of the action or behind the scenes as the situation requires) and act at the same time as coordinator, presenter, hostess, interpreter, friend. I am the person you and your invitees can rely on.

Dear Eszó,

A HUGE THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS. Erika and Eszter, you have done an exceptional work. All our guests have praised you for the high quality of your work and we will always be grateful to you for this. You have been of an incredible kindness!! And our guests loved you very much !! Valéria and I are very honoured for having you among us for the greatest day of our lives. … We have become friends, true friends. We wish to keep in touch with you as such.

Kind Regards,
Valéria and Jean-Claude

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